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YPG is a meaningful networking group of dedicated, young professionals ranging in age 20's - 30's. The mission of the group is to create a platform for the younger members to build relationships, develop professionally and contribute to the local community through specific activities.


  • Meet other young professionals
  • Build relationships with business and community leaders
  • Discover rich cultural opportunities
  • Explore volunteer opportunities
  • Represent young professional’s viewpoint to the community
  • Help keep creative jobs and people in the region
  • Foster career development opportunities
  • Increase engagement in Chamber Leadership

YPG is a great way to cultivate your workforce through Chamber Membership. It is important to develop meaningful relationships within the community where you live, work and play. Encourage your young professionals to join as a benefit to your membership. This premier group will be meeting monthly to network, develop both professionally and personally, build relationships through social outlets and engage in community projects.

Visit Young Professionals Group This Month

The Young Professionals Group meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday (typically). Time and meeting location vary. Register to attend this month!

Photos from Past Events