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Table of Contents

  1. Effective Grassroots Advocacy
    1. What is Grassroots Advocacy?
    2. Why is Grassroots Advocacy Important?
    3. Tools for Effective Grassroots Advocacy
      1. Dos and Don’ts
      2. In-Person Meeting with Elected Officials
    4. General Tips for Legislative Advocacy
    5. Sample Advocacy Letters
  1. Steps for Hosting a Visit with an Elected Official
    1. Planning a Successful Visit
    2. Invite Email
    3. Call Script
    4. Thank you Email
  1. Elected Officials in the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber Jurisdiction
  1. Chamber Specific Information
  1. Plan of Action Checklist

Grassroots Advocacy


“Grassroots advocacy” is the process of contacting elected officials in relation to important policy issues. “Advocacy” is defined as advocating, speaking, or writing in support of something. An “advocate” is a person who speaks or writes in support of something. Under this definition, we are all advocates. Grassroots advocates raise public awareness on issues to influence public perception, regulations, and public policy.


In-Person Meetings with Elected Officials

Dos and Don'ts

The following is a step-by-step guide for inviting your elected representatives to tour your facility. Note that state and local officials have a very small staff (if any), while federal officials have a whole team and multiple offices to navigate. This guide is not meant to address every scenario, and the TVRC team is happy to assist however we can along the way.

Hosting a Member is just the beginning of establishing a very valuable relationship. Make sure to keep in contact with the staffers, making them aware of any legislative issues that are currently affecting or could potentially affect your business. It’s important to strike a nice balance between staying in touch and not being overbearing.  

Demographics At a Glance