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Communications Policy

As a growing and thriving organization, it is important that the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber has a consistent strategy for sharing key information with its members and greater community. In an effort to communicate with our members and community both effectively and conscientiously, it is important that we maintain communication guidelines. Thank you, to our members and community, for adhering to the policy below.

Website and Email Communication

Through the maintenance and ownership of, we reserve the right to publish any and all chamber events, happenings and related information on our website and in our email communications.

Releasing Database Information and Contact Lists

To protect the personal preference and discretion of our members, the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber will not release documents containing the emailing/contact information of our members. Similar information is available in our Directory (printed/online) if one chooses to research a particular member. Exceptions will not be made. It is our hope that this restriction guards against unsolicited email/mail and phishing scams.

Sharing Events or Updates from Members or Organizations

The Top of Virginia Regional Chamber will maintain a “Community Calendar” on which announcements, events or other information can be publicly shared. This calendar will be populated by TVRC members or organizations. The Chamber reserves the rights to deny a request if it opposes the chamber mission, values or purpose. However, we will include mentions of community happenings on other standard communications. If a member would like to offer a special discount or rate to TVRC members, they will need to advertise it thought the Chamber’s marketing opportunities. The chamber will not solicit support of any political candidate, party, representative or lobby entity.

Social Media Guidelines

Being present on various social media platforms is relevant and essential in today’s world. Our posts, across platforms, will primarily feature Chamber news, our upcoming events, event recaps, and a sharing of fitting economic, partner, or events and news. In an effort to guard against favoritism, members vs members, paid service vs free service, the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber will not

  • Individually promote a person, place, business, product, or service unless such a promotion is part of a sponsorship or marketing opportunity.
  • Send our or solicit direct funding requests for or in support of any one elected official, political candidate, party of representative.

Endorsement or Referral by the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber

No Chamber member, contact or guest may state or imply an endorsement or referral by the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber without express and written consent of the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber Board of Directors. The send out of direct mail or email including the chamber’s endorsement or logo, without the prior approval and viewing of the Chamber is, strictly prohibited.

Use of the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber Name and Logo

Current and active Chamber members may elect to display the official Top of Virginia Regional Chamber badge on their website to indicate their membership and partnership affiliation. Members may download this logo from the Member Information Center.

The Chamber’s logo is developed and utilized for the promotion and marketing of the organization. No Chamber member shall utilize the logo on any printed publication or broadcast media without direction from the Director, Marketing & Communications. Elements of color and font are to be strictly adhered to if permission is granted.