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Strategic Plan 2023-2025

Vision:  Be the voice for business in the City of Winchester, Clarke County, and Frederick County, Virginia.
Purpose: Connect business and community resources for mutual success, fostering regional prosperity.
Mission:  Provide educational resources, programs, and services to enhance the business and professional development of our members.

Core Values:
The Top of Virginia Regional Chamber holds to five core values (S.L.I.C.E.):
• Sustainability: Build a legacy of economic strength and opportunity for generations to come.
• Leadership: Provide solutions and resources that impact the direction of the community.
• Integrity: Transparent and ethical in principle and practice.
• Collaboration: Facilitate business partnerships mutually beneficial to chamber members and the community.
• Excellence: Serve our members and community by demonstrating best practices.

Strategic Anchors:
The Top of Virginia Regional Chamber operates with three strategic anchors that drives our operation:
1. Business Focused
2. Service-Oriented
3. Community Partners

Key Focus Areas for 2023 – 2025:
Our key focus areas for the next three years are to:
1. Be the "Hub" of Business
2. Be the "Voice" for Business
3. Increase financial stability & revenue growth