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The Top of Virginia Regional Chamber Foundation was incorporated on May 23, 2000, as a 501© (3) nonstock corporation to receive and administer assets for facilitating educational and charitable programs of the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber.

The Foundation’s mission statement is:
“To enhance the quality of life in the City of Winchester, Clarke County, and Frederick County, Virginia by providing resources to support education, leadership development, and regional cooperation that strengthen the business community.”

The Foundation will solicit funding to support such educational and training activities as the following but not limited to:

  • Funding for innovative classroom projects in area schools; establishing and administering a mentoring program in area schools to provide students with hands-on experience in the business community;
  • Expand the content of a Workforce Services printed publication to also be available on the internet, listing available programs in public and private schools, technical schools, colleges, and universities;
  • Train and develop future business and community leaders via the Community Leadership Program;
  • Support Youth Leadership Program;
  • Recognize student leaders and academic achievement in the region via a recognition luncheon;
  • Conduct a New Educators Breakfast for all-new area educators;
  • Recognize volunteers for their support of charitable and/or civic organizations in the community by hosting an annual award luncheon.

The Foundation also plans to assist in the development of programs and services for area small businesses and to be a partner in the Winchester, Frederick County, and Clarke County area for the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014, a United States public law that is the primary federal workforce development legislation to bring about increased coordination among federal workforce development and related programs. The Foundation will work cooperatively with TVRC as a partner in seeking federal and state funding to implement training programs.

The Foundation plans to undertake and support activities that foster communication, reward outstanding academic achievement, and support educational opportunities that will enhance the quality of life for citizens who live and work in the city of Winchester, Clarke County, and Frederick County service area.

Contributions are anticipated from corporations, foundations, individuals, and possibly local, state, and federal funding. The Foundation also anticipates revenue in the form of tuition from the Community Leadership Program.

None of the foundation’s officers and directors will be compensated for their service as officers and directors of the Foundation.
The Board of Directors of the Foundation is entirely composed of individuals who are currently serving on the Executive Committee as officers of TVRC. Therefore, a special relationship exists between the Foundation and TVRC due to interlocking directorates. The Chair of the Board of TVRC will also serve as the Chair of the Board of the Foundation. The Foundation is organized and operated exclusively as a supporting organization of the TVRC.

The Foundation is financially accountable to TVRC and, by virtue of its overlapping Board of Directors with the TVRC, the supported organization will be kept informed of all activities undertaken by the Foundation. The Board of TVRC will receive annual financial reports from the Foundation as well as activity reports describing all educational and community service programs provided.