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Networking Communities


To make a referral of a person or business, we must first form relationships by getting to Know, Like, and Trust one another.  If we share life in some significant way (like through a small group) it is a more natural approach to share a lead. These groups could be a formative and motivating element of your business strategy. This is one way to connect with others and grow your business.

Plenty of paid/public Lead Share Groups put the hammer down on referrals. Some people really like the accountability and high-energy approach and that’s okay. However, this Chamber’s approach is about building relationships with like-minded people. This approach lends to creating smaller groups to gather when not all members enjoy a room full of people like at a large networking mixer.

Our chamber and community will be a tri-part mandate of, lead generation, an atmosphere of mind-sharing, and best practices to help to connect Chamber Members to each other.

  • You must be a member in good standing with the Chamber.
  • Small Groups/Lead Shares are a benefit of membership. Therefore, guests can visit twice before joining.
  • You will be encouraged to contribute to the group through participation.
  • You will be encouraged to have 1 on 1 meetings with group members.

If you are not a Chamber member, please sign up HERE.

Inspire: A Chamber B2B Networking Community

SING | Senior Interest Networking Group

Lead by Faith | a Christian Networking Group

Victory | a Veteran Networking Community

  • Leader: Lisa Talbott, Talbott Training Group, (410) 952-8421
  • Leader: Sarah Kujawski, Aire Serv Heating and Cooling, (540) 631-9670

Upcoming Networking Meetings: