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  • The Frederick County Sheriff's Focus on Curtailing Retail Crime

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    Atlantic Coast Pipeline

    Read the Chamber's position to support the revision of current Atlantic Coast Pipeline HERE

    "Go Virginia" Initiative

    Read the Chamber's position to support the "Go Virginia" initiative HERE

    ABC Beverage Legislation

    Read the Chamber's position to support the revision of current ABC Beverage Legislation HERE


    Position Statement: The creation of jobs and economic prosperity through expansion of existing businesses and the attraction of new business activity to the area is a priority for the Chamber. Effective economic development includes removing unnecessary regulation, tax burdens and governmental interference to allow free enterprise to work. The Chamber also recognizes, in some cases, economic development may require governmental support in the form of enhanced infrastructure or tax adjustments to attract new businesses. Local governments need the ability to make decisions that create a climate that is attractive for business and conducive to expanded business activity by both new and existing companies. The Chamber believes an economic development program is crucial to the success of our communities and businesses —- and such a program is best conceived and conducted through a cooperative and supportive partnership between the public sector and the business community.


    Position Statement: The Chamber supports a revenue system fostering a favorable business climate and encourages economic development, which means taxes should be few in number and should not disproportionately burden one sector of the economy over another. Taxes administered should maintain a balance between tax growth, population growth and economic activity. The Chamber supports a local and state tax policy that encourages business opportunities and investments for general business. Industry-specific taxes should generally be avoided. Income taxes should not have a high marginal tax rate nor have excessive brackets. The Chamber supports a competitive sales tax rate applied to a broad base and designed to encompass true consumption. The Chamber also supports the continuation of the long-standing state policy of not placing a sales tax on goods acquired for production.


    Position Statement: The Chamber supports increased long-term investment in transportation infrastructure to promote economic development and quality of life in the region. Effective transportation systems are essential to continued economic growth and development in the upper Shenandoah Valley region as well as Virginia. All modes of transportation are becoming increasingly important to prosperity, health, education, safety, security, environment and overall quality of life — but the resources are not available to meet demands. The Chamber supports increased investment in transportation infrastructure and coordinated land-use planning, with appropriate emphasis and funding given to the Shenandoah Valley region, to support the growing economy and population. Further, the Chamber supports the development of a comprehensive, long-term solution addressing the following criteria: transportation safety and security; improvement in mobility within and across all modes of travel; community goals related to economic development; adequate funding for roadway maintenance, maintenance of secondary roads and balances concerns with respect to aesthetics.

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    "The Top of Virginia Regional Chamber is an incredibly valuable resource for the Shenandoah Valley..." – Adrienne G. Bloss, PhD, Provost, Shenandoah University.