• TVRC Strategic Plan and Goals Recap

    TVRC Strategic Plan and Goals Recap

    By: John Lamanna, Timber Ridge School

    In December 2018 the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber (TVRC) met for a day retreat with the objective to develop a strategic plan for 2019-2021. 

    It was the full agreement of the Board that strategic directions were needed to ensure the Chamber remains focused on its mission and responsive to its members. 

    The strategic planning session was facilitated by Dr. Dave Miles of Dr. Miles Leadership Corp. The mission of the Chamber, to provide programs and services to enhance the business and professional development of the members, remains the driving force and sets the direction for its work. 

    It is also important for our members to note the core values selected which set the standard for each strategic goal. The core values are: Sustainability, Leadership, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence. 

    The key focus areas for 2019-2021 are the following: Increase membership, financial stability and revenue growth, position of Top of Virginia Regional Chamber as “the hub” for the business community and Innovative and impactful branding and marketing. Each of these key areas were translated to goals and each goal assigned to TVRC Board committees.

    The Membership Committees goal is to increase membership to 900 by 2021. The committee has completed several activities to increase membership through contacts and enhancing services. Our current membership is 750 +/-. As with so much and for so many this year, COVID-19 has been a significant challenge. The committee has attempted to alter their activities recognizing the existing barriers to service delivery. 

    The Finance Committees goal is to increase financial stability and revenue growth with the planning  and initiation of the Finance Committee, TVRC has established a reserve fund to further strengthen our financial practice. The reserve fund is currently $12,447.

    The Marketing Committees goal is to increase brand awareness and protect the integrity of the brand. The Committee has established protocols for the use of the TVRC logo and has provided input and directions for the enhancement of the TVRC website, publications, and other marketing efforts. 

    The Public Policy Committees goal is that TVRC will be an active conduit for legislative information and generating initiatives which support local businesses. The committee has and continues to facilitate pre and post legislative sessions with local legislators. It also channels legislative information through the Board to the membership and processes opinion and input received from members. 

    The Workforce Development Committee is working on several goals. A primary goal:  The committee will collaborate with local resources to improve workforce readiness of students in K-12 in the Winchester, Frederick and Clarke. The committee has been successful in connecting local high school career and technical education programs with the needs of local businesses. 

    The brief identification of goals and committee activity is intended to provide a general review of the work being done.

    In January, TVRC Board has planned a session to review progress with each strategic goal and update activities completed by each committee. 

    The bottom line in assessing any strategic plan is the reality of its impact.  

    The TVRC Board and staff truly hope that the direction set by the strategic plan has made a positive difference in our business community. 

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